Can you get fired for a DUI?

The arrest/court aspect of a DUI is clearly your first concern after an arrest. You may wonder whether the traffic stop was valid, what the fines may look like or what defenses you may have if the case is going to trial. Whether this is your first DUI or not, the...

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Does coffee sober you up?

You go out drinking with a friend. At the end of the night, you remark that you think you’re too drunk to drive. No problem, your friend tells you. You’ll just stop and have a cup of coffee. That will sober you up so that you can drive home safely.  This is a common...

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Spending time on the water? Have fun, but avoid a BUI charge

While most people are well aware of the term DUI -- which is short for "driving under the influence" -- many are less familiar with BUI. Otherwise known as "boating under the influence," BUI charges in Florida are quite serious, and like DUI charges, they can result...

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