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Receiving a DUI while visiting Florida

Vacations are a time to cut loose and relax. However, the consequences of a DUI may follow you back home. Picture yourself driving back to the hotel after a few drinks on the Florida beach, when an officer stops you for not observing a local traffic law. The next thing you know, you may be facing a DUI charge.

If the courts find you guilty of a DUI, you will be subject to the same penalties as Florida residents. Additionally, returning to your home state may not absolve you of penalties such as license suspension and community service.

Spending time on the water? Have fun, but avoid a BUI charge

While most people are well aware of the term DUI -- which is short for "driving under the influence" -- many are less familiar with BUI. Otherwise known as "boating under the influence," BUI charges in Florida are quite serious, and like DUI charges, they can result in severe penalties.

In fact, the possible penalties include:

What convictions will prevent me from being able to buy a gun?

In Florida, you do not have to have a permit to purchase a gun, but you must pass a background check and meet several federal and state requirements. If you are shopping for a new gun, it can be helpful to know the requirements before trying to make a purchase.

Not all convictions will prevent you from buying a gun, but all felony convictions will, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. If you are under indictment or information for a felony or you are a fugitive from justice, you will not be able to purchase a gun. You will also lose that right if you have been recently arrested for something that could potentially be a felony offense, or any other offense that would prohibit you from owning a gun.

Penalties for cocaine possession

In the 1980’s, Florida’s coastal location helped the illegal trafficking of cocaine and other illicit drugs spread across the United States. This summer, 75 pounds of floating cocaine was discovered off of the coast of Florida, reminding law enforcement officials that trafficking the drug is still prevalent today.

Trafficking charges in Florida are so firm that an individual only needs to carry over 28 grams of cocaine to be issued a trafficking charge and a first-degree felony. Read on to learn more about possible penalties for cocaine possession in Florida.

Planning a fun vacation? Enjoy the beach, avoid a DUI

Florida is a hot spot for family vacations. Vero Beach is no exception. The resorts, sun, sand and atmosphere are alluring. Kids and adults alike can find activities they enjoy. You discovered all of this while researching nearby places to take your family. You want to have a relaxing time, kick back and even let loose.

You are renting a car so that you and your family can explore the area in style. You plan to be cautious while treating yourself. What you may not consider is what happens if you get pulled over—especially after some beverages.

Signs your relationship isn’t just unhealthy, it’s abusive

Abusive relationships are all too common that it is easy to think this is normal and even permissible. The truth is, it is not okay and you need to know when a relationship morphs into an abusive trap. Without having a clear understanding of what an abusive relationship looks like, you could find yourself accepting behavior from a partner that should not be tolerated.

Domestic abuse is a serious problem that many people can find themselves in. These relationships typically don’t start with such bad behavior and mental control. They often start out mildly unhealthy and eventually may become violent. It is important to learn the characteristics of abusive behavior.

Surprising number of teens think driving high is legal - and safe

A recent survey by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) revealed some unexpected information about people's perceptions of driving under the influence of marijuana. Fully one third of teen surveyed said they thought driving while high was legal in states where marijuana itself is legal for recreational use. Remarkably, 27 percent of parents surveyed thought the same thing.

Perhaps even more troubling, while 88 percent of the teens knew that driving drunk was dangerous, only 68 percent thought the same of driving high. And, over 20 percent said driving under the influence of marijuana is common among their friends.


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