Did you get a DUI while on Spring Break?

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College students know that Florida is the place to go to unwind during spring break. However, it’s too easy for them to forget that overindulging in alcohol and drugs during this time can land them in hot water.

Students on spring break who are detained in Vero Beach for DUI may face serious criminal penalties. These could include fines and jail time, which can negatively impact one’s finances and personal life. Students found guilty of DUI may face probation, loss of scholarships or even expulsion from colleges and institutions. Additionally, it may impact an individual’s ability to enroll in graduate or professional programs or find employment down the road.

Probable cause for arrest due to DUI

An officer has to have reasonable suspicion that a motorist has been operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated to arrest anyone for DUI. If an officer observes any of the following, probable cause may be established:

  • Driving erratically
  • Bloodshot or red eyes
  • Movement is erratic
  • Driver admits to alcohol consumption
  • Positive results from a breathalyzer test
  • Subpar results on field sobriety assessments
  • Slurring words
  • Alcohol can be smelled on the driver’s breath

An officer may also arrest a motorist for disorderly intoxication, according to Florida Statutes Section 856.011. This statute clause makes it unlawful to cause a disturbance of the public while operating a car or to be inebriated and jeopardize the safety of others or property. It is a second-degree misdemeanor to do so, with a $500 fine in addition to a possible 60-day prison sentence.

The ten-day rule

If you’ve been charged with DUI in Florida, you have only 10 days from your arrest date to request a hearing to contest the suspension of your license. If you don’t secure a review hearing within 10 days after a DUI arrest, your license will be suspended for 6-18 months. As such, seeking assistance in fighting the charges – given all that is at stake – is generally wise.