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Defending You And Your Rights Against Domestic Abuse Charges

Family disagreements can grow heated gradually or suddenly, leading to turmoil and allegations of domestic violence. No matter what, any accusation of domestic violence will harm your family dynamic as well as your personal and professional reputations. And especially beware of false accusations.

Unlike other criminal charges, domestic violence has immediate consequences. Adam Chrzan, Attorney At Law in Vero Beach, Florida, is a skilled criminal defense attorney ready to represent and advise you. He will advocate for you to the best of his abilities in seeking to get the charges dismissed, reduced or obtain an acquittal at a courtroom trial.

Facing Many Consequences, Providing The Help You Need

Too many times, domestic violence accusations surface during divorce cases. In these situations, a spouse may use such an allegation as leverage in squeezing you out of the lives of your children, and your property.

Once charged with domestic violence, you face:

  • Forced removal from your home, preventing you from going or visiting there
  • No contact with your partner or spouse
  • Limited custody and visitation rights with your children, and, sometimes visitation may only take place with authority supervision
  • Confiscation of your guns

Mr. Chrzan will help you fight these charges and obtain the assistance that you need to overcome such charges.

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A domestic abuse charge can lead to a domino effect of harsh consequences touching nearly every aspect of your life. Adam Chrzan, Attorney At Law in Vero Beach, Florida, is a skilled negotiator and experienced litigator ready to advocate for you. He’s available any time of the day. For a free consultation, contact him or call 772-410-3722.