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This Can’t Be Happening: DUI Charges In Florida

Perhaps you were on vacation in Vero Beach. Maybe you were just enjoying a drink or two over dinner along the ocean. After leaving, you were suddenly startled to find the flashing lights of a police car close behind. You pulled over, and you realized the officer wants you to engage in field sobriety tests and, adding to your disorientation, wound up arresting you on a DUI charge.

For many people in Florida, a DUI arrest is their first experience with the criminal justice system. It can be frightening and overwhelming. DUI charges can have serious legal consequences, and you need an attorney to help protect your rights and guide you through this process.

You Need To Seek Legal Help Within 10 Days

It is critical you contact Adam Chrzan, Attorney At Law, in less than 10 days. Within that time, you need to request an administrative hearing or waive the hearing. If you don’t request that hearing, you could lose your license for up to one year.

An administrative hearing can also be important, because it allows the arresting officer to be asked questions under oath, which may be valuable during a criminal case to undermine the grounds for the traffic stop that led to the DUI charges.

DUI Standard Is Not Always .08 BAC

While for many drivers .08 blood alcohol content is the legal limit, for some drivers, it may be lower. Much lower. Drivers under age 21 cannot have .02 BAC, and for drivers holding a CDL, the limit is .04 BAC.

The DUI laws in Florida are complex, and if this is your first offense, you may find the options bewildering. That’s why you need experienced legal advice from Adam Chrzan, who can review your specific situation and explain your options to best resolve the charges.

Not Your First DUI Arrest?

For drivers facing a second or third DUI charge, it becomes even more important to have an attorney representing your interests. The penalties can become even more severe, and you need to respond properly to avoid significant fines and the potential for time behind bars.

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