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An Effective Advocate Who Fighting Your BUI Charges

Florida’s Treasure Coast attracts many state residents and out-of-state tourists, ready to enjoy the sun, wind, water and recreational boating. But sometimes that enjoyment may turn into legal trouble if charged with boating under the influence (BUI).

The waters along Florida are filled with boaters as well as law enforcement seeking to nab anyone suspected of BUI. An arrest could lead to a conviction. The potential penalties include loss of your boating license, steep fines and incarceration. If arrested, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Adam Chrzan, Attorney At Law in Vero Beach, Florida, will aggressively defend your rights.

Skilled Negotiator, Knowledgeable Litigator

Federal and state law enforcement are always on the lookout for boaters driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. BUI checkpoints often are present. Why? Florida has consistently led the nation in the number of boating accidents and boating-related deaths.

An accomplished negotiator and experienced litigator. Mr. Chrzan will work to the best of his abilities in getting the charges dismissed or reduced. He’s not afraid to go to trial as he saw more than 100 cases go to a jury during his time as a criminal prosecutor.

Call Us 24/7; We Will Help You

A BUI charge can disrupt your life, damaging your personal and professional reputation. Jail time, probation and steep fines may await you. If you find yourself in this predicament, you need an effective criminal defense attorney, ready to negotiate and advocate for you. Adam Chrzan, Attorney At Law in Vero Beach, Florida, is available 24/7. Whether you are a state resident or tourist, he is prepared to help you. Mr. Chrzan provides free consultations in criminal matters. Contact him anytime or call his law office at 772-410-3722.