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Florida Has Very Demanding Sex Offender Registry Requirements

Facing sex offender charges is a frightening experience. The damage to your reputation, the potential for losing your marriage or job, and the prospect for jail or prison can be daunting. Adam Chrzan, Attorney At Law, can help you respond to these charges.

But one more reason to aggressively fight any sex crime charge is the very real danger of being required to register on the Florida Sex Offender Registry for the rest of your life.

Misguided And Damaging

Sex offender registries were created in the 1990s after some high-profile incidents. They are supposed to improve public safety by allowing the public to find out if there are sex offenders living in their neighborhood, but they have proved to be ineffective: There has been no reduction in sex crimes since these laws were enacted.

What they have done is make life very difficult for individuals who must register. They have led to zoning laws in many Florida communities that make it nearly impossible for an offender to live anywhere in the city or town.

You May Need To Report Up To Four Times Per Year

Depending on your sentence, you could be forced to visit the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office in Vero Beach up to four times every year. This a burden for anyone to deal with, and if you miss a required registration, you could be found in violation of the statute and subject to arrest and incarceration.

Sex Offender Registration Makes Life Very Difficult

Lifetime sex offender registration is a requirement in many cases, even those involving consensual relationships. Florida laws regarding sex offender registration are very strict:

  • You cannot live near public parks.
  • Your employment opportunities are limited when you are prohibited from accepting jobs that may involve prohibited contact.
  • You cannot visit places where children visit frequently.
  • Your name and picture may appear on a list available to the public, and you may appear on scrolling TV ads sponsored by local law enforcement.
  • You must follow very strict reporting requirements and failure to properly follow these could result in an additional felony charge and more prison time.

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