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A Skilled Lawyer Who Can Help You Fight Theft Charges

A theft-related charge is generally viewed as an indicator of dishonesty. Such a characterization can leave an indelible mark on you. A conviction can haunt you for years to come, even making it difficult for you to obtain work.

Adam Chrzan, Attorney At Law in Vero Beach, Florida, is a skilled criminal defense law firm, ready to help you fight these charges and redeem your name in society. A skilled negotiator, Mr. Chrzan will help you get these charges reduced or dismissed. And as an experienced litigator, he is unafraid to go to trial.

Prospective Employers Will Turn Away

As more and more employers conduct background checks on prospective workers even for entry-level positions, it is essential to fight any criminal charge. If a potential employer finds a criminal conviction in your record, it can lead to your resumé being immediately deleted or tossed into the trash can.

Mr. Chrzan has guided many clients faced with criminal charges that include:

  • Robbery, burglary, grand theft and larceny
  • Credit card theft and identity theft
  • Fraud and other white collar crimes
  • Possession of stolen property
  • Shoplifting

You need solid and dependable legal advice when fighting theft-related charges. Mr. Chrzan provides effective representation, seeking an ideal settlement in your situation.

An Advocate Available 24/7, So Call Now

You don’t want a criminal record, but that will be the result after a theft conviction. Adam Chrzan, Attorney At Law in Vero Beach, Florida, is a legal advocate who will fight for you in getting such charges reduced or dismissed. He is available 24/7. For a free initial consultation, contact him or call his office at 772-410-3722.