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Confronting All Types Of Drug Charges

All drug crimes are a big deal, not just those involving manufacturing, distribution or trafficking. There is much more to consider than the fines and potential jail time: Drug crimes can carry stiff mandatory prison sentences, can affect your driving privileges and can ruin career or educational opportunities. They also can impede your ability to obtain financial aid or lead to deportation if you are living in Vero Beach on a green card.

Society’s attitude toward marijuana may be changing across the country, but drug possession is still a serious offense under Florida law. If you are caught with even a minimal amount, you may lose your driver’s license for one year.

At the office of Adam Chrzan, Attorney At Law, our focus is to help you keep a drug conviction off your record. When that’s not possible, we look for options that reduce the impact the charges have on your life.

Prescription Drug Offenses

Criminal charges based on prescription drug violations are some of the most common, but they carry mandatory-minimum prison terms comparable to cases involving drugs that are entirely illegal. Even a minor mistake can trigger strict penalties for offenses. You may be arrested for:

  • Holding medication prescribed for a family member
  • Obtaining medicine after your prescription has expired
  • Taking Adderall or other drugs from a friend to study for a test
  • Selling or even giving away painkillers to help someone with their pain
  • Forging a prescription or taking a prescription pad

Don’t Worry — Come Talk To Adam Chrzan In A Free Initial Consultation

When you read about the potential penalties, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and afraid. It is important to remember you have options and that your best chance at a good outcome is to have a knowledgeable, aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side.

You can learn about your options in a free initial consultation with Adam Chrzan, Attorney At Law. Talk to our attorney directly by calling 772-410-3722 or sending an email.