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Injured In A Car Accident In Vero Beach?

When you look at the statistics, the numbers can be astounding. In 2016 in Florida, there were almost 400,000 vehicle crashes. There were 165,965 crashes that resulted in 254,146 people with injuries and 3,158 fatalities.

If you were injured in a car crash, you may be confused and uncertain where to turn. You should call Adam Chrzan, Attorney At Law, because you need someone looking after your best interests and working to obtain the compensation you deserve.

What About My Insurance Company?

Car accidents and insurance law are complex matters. You may believe your insurance company is always on your side, but remember, if they find an excuse to disclaim coverage, they will use it. You need a lawyer who understands accident law in Florida and who knows how insurance companies structure offers.

Never accept an offer of settlement from an insurance company after a car accident without first having it reviewed by an experienced attorney. An insurance company may attempt a quick settlement in an effort to limit its exposure. It may want to settle before you have fully assessed the injuries you have suffered.

Avoid Early Settlements With Insurance Companies

If you settle too quickly and later discover additional health issues or complications from your injuries, your settlement agreement likely cuts off any additional claims. You want to be certain you have discovered all injuries because an insurance company will not give you a second chance for other claims.

Our attorney, Adam Chrzan, is experienced with these types of cases. We can help you find the medical treatment you need and will work with you to ensure that any settlement offer is truly comprehensive and helps you to fully recover from your injuries.

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