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Sex Crimes Are Serious; Get Experienced Legal Advice

When you come to the office of Adam Chrzan, Attorney At Law, for help defending charges involving sex offenses, we will not judge you. Sex charges are an embarrassment. Our job is to help you understand your situation and minimize the impact it will have on your life. We will work to build the strongest, most aggressive defense possible.

The term sex crime encompasses a wide range of offenses. They can result in long prison sentences, hefty fines and a lifetime of sex offender registration in cases involving:

  • Sexual assault, battery or misconduct
  • Kidnapping or false imprisonment
  • A sexual relationship with a minor, even if you are only a year or two apart in age
  • Prostitution involving anyone under 18
  • Traveling to or arranging to meet a minor for sex
  • Transmission of pornography, including “sexting” involving students who share photos with their peers
  • Internet crimes
  • Using an electronic device to send harmful material to a minor

It addition to potential embarrassment, damage to your career and jail or prison time, you could be subjected to lifetime registration in the Florida Sex Offender Registry. This requirement can cause long-term damage, affecting your life long after you have completed your sentence. Our attorney will explain how different sex offense levels can affect registration requirements.

Do Not Say Anything To Anyone Except Your Attorney

It is crucial you treat any sex crime allegation as serious, even if the circumstances seemed benign or legal when they occurred. Contact our firm as soon as allegations are made. Do not say anything to the police or anyone else, including other parents or the individual making the allegations. You could be the subject of a recorded undercover phone call.

Instead, contact our firm in Vero Beach today at 772-410-3722 or through email to schedule a free initial consultation.