Can you bring marijuana into Florida?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2024 | Drug Crimes |

Florida does have a medical marijuana program. This is not true for every state in the nation, but it is true for the vast majority.

Where Florida is falling behind the rest of the country is in recreational marijuana laws. Many states have been putting these on the books, and recreational marijuana is now legal in close to 50% of the country.

Because it is not yet legal in Florida, people sometimes wonder if they can bring recreational products in from another state. They may not have a medical marijuana card, but they believe that they can make a legal purchase in another state without violating the law and that they can legally bring those products home with them to Florida. Is this true?

Transporting cannabis products

No, this is not true, and the first reason is that you cannot transport marijuana products over state lines. It is still federally illegal. No matter what state laws say, crossing the state lines makes it a federal issue. All marijuana products that are legally sold within specific states are intended to stay inside the borders of those states.

Next, the police officers in Florida will not care if the marijuana products were purchased legally in another state. If they catch you with them, you are still in violation of the laws in Florida if you don’t have a medical marijuana card. It’s not about the purchase, but about the illegal possession, so it can still lead to an arrest.

If you have been arrested, you’re likely concerned about your future. Be sure you carefully look into your criminal defense options.