A no-contact order includes social media

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

Have you been issued a no-contact order? This sometimes happens in domestic violence cases. If one person is accused of domestic violence, even though they haven’t been convicted yet, the court may issue a no-contact order to keep them away from the other party.

Most people fully understand that this means they can’t be in close physical proximity to the other person and that they shouldn’t call them on the phone. They are supposed to keep their distance, and they cannot verbally or physically harass the other person.

But in today’s world of electronic communication, it’s important to note that the law states that you should “refrain from any contact of any type” with the victim. This includes social media messages. You cannot write on the person’s Facebook wall or send them a private message on Instagram. You can’t contact them through your Reddit profile or communicate with them through TikTok. All of these actions could violate the no-contact order.

Why do people do it anyway?

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that online communications are OK because you are not physically close to that person. You can send someone a message on Facebook from anywhere in the world. It feels far less personal and both people could be far apart, so there’s no physical danger. They think they can get around the law.

But this common misconception is why it’s so important to note that social media contact is still prohibited. If you’re facing charges or if you have mistakenly violated a no-contact order, you definitely need to know about all the legal defense options at your disposal.