What if you’re arrested for drugs that are not yours?

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The police pull you over for speeding, and they find illegal drugs in your car. You’re just as shocked as they are, however, because the drugs actually belong to your friend who borrowed your car the week before, and you had no idea they were in the vehicle. 

Or, perhaps the police come to your apartment after a neighbor calls in a noise complaint. They discover these illegal drugs in your apartment, but, once again, they’re not yours. You just had a few friends over, and the drugs belong to one of them, even though this is technically your apartment. They brought the drugs to your apartment without even telling you. 

Either one of these situations could lead to your arrest. The police may even listen to your account and still decide to make the arrest. They may think that you’re lying, or they may just think that it’s easier to let you discuss the specifics in court, rather than at the scene. If they found illegal drugs that it appears you were in possession of, that is enough reason to arrest you, despite your protests that they were never yours and that you weren’t in possession of them yourself. 

What should you do next? 

In a situation like this, it can be very stressful and frustrating, because you know that you didn’t do anything wrong. Try to keep your emotions in check and don’t let the situation get the best of you. Instead, focus on looking into all of your legal defense options and determining how you can best approach your court case and clear your name.