Common police errors that may help your DUI defense

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Being pulled over by the police is a scary situation. If the officer accuses you of driving under the influence, it makes the situation even worse. 

While being arrested and charged with DUI in Florida isn’t something anyone plans for, there are mistakes that the police may make, which can be used to help your defense. 

Some of the most common mistakes made by police that work well when building a criminal defense for DUI charges can be found here. 

No real reason to stop you or pull you over

Reasonable suspicion is necessary for the police to pull you over. This refers to a justifiable suspicion based on facts that you were engaging in some type of criminal activity when you were stopped. This means that you had to be doing something to justify being pulled over, such as speeding, not stopping at a stop sign or having a mechanical issue with your vehicle. 

If there’s no reasonable suspicion when you were pulled over, then any evidence from the stop would be suppressed. When there’s no evidence, there’s no way to prove you were guilty of DUI. 

Aggressive behavior at sobriety checkpoints

Police officers are human, and mistakes happen. One example of a mistake at a checkpoint is misconduct. 

This occurs if the officer was hostile, threatened you in some way or called you derogatory names to intimidate you. If there is evidence of misconduct, then it may be possible that your rights were violated.

Protecting your rights after a DUI charge

Even if you are arrested for DUI, you have legal options and rights. It’s important to know what your rights are and take steps to protect them. By doing this, you can reduce the possibility of a conviction, which can have serious repercussions on your life.