Can you quickly get sober before driving?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | DUI |

In cases where someone realizes that they may be too intoxicated to drive legally, but they still need to use their vehicle, the best option may simply be to look for another form of transportation. For example, someone who has driven to the bar may still be able to call a rideshare car for a ride home and then they can come back the next day and pick up their car, after they are sober.

Even reading that, however, you can imagine that it can be quite a hassle, and that most people want to avoid doing that if possible. As a result, they will just look for some ways to quickly get sober so they can drive home in their own car.

What tactics do they use?

There are different tactics that people will try, with the most common being simply drinking a cup of water. Others will turn to a hot cup of coffee instead. Still others will go to a diner and get an entire meal. Those who have access to a shower – someone who has been drinking at a friend’s house, for example – may decide to take a cold shower to sober them up.

But do any of these things actually work? They do not. Time sobers you up at a rate of about 0.015% per hour, when looking at your blood alcohol concentration. It could take hours for you to get back down below the legal limit or to become completely sober. Eating, drinking and showering can help you move closer to being sober because they take time, but none of those things are actually going to make you any more sober than if you would’ve just waited the same amount of time initially.

Unfortunately, making any mistakes in this area could lead to DUI charges. You need to know about the defense options at your disposal.