Busting 3 common myths about drunk driving

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | DUI |

One of the biggest reasons people still drive drunk, despite rules and regulations, is because of misinformation. Misinformation can lead people to believe that they’re safe to drive as long as they use a few simple tricks.

However, there’s often little to no truth behind all the misinformation out there. To avoid problems, you should be aware of the following myths:

Myth1: Drinking coffee before you drive will make you sober

Truth: It’s often believed that coffee will help people sober up quickly, which may be especially helpful before driving. The truth, however, is that coffee doesn’t make the effects of alcohol disappear. Coffee is more likely going to make someone believe they’re sober while making them a worse driver. This is because alcohol is a depressant and coffee is a stimulant, which may make a driver less aware of their surroundings and more likely to make rash decisions. 

Myth 2: You have to take a field sobriety test

Truth: If the police may have reasonable suspicion that the driver is drunk, they may perform a traffic stop. During a traffic stop, the police may ask the driver to do a field sobriety test. These tests help officers judge the condition of a driver. It’s often believed that drivers have to consent to field sobriety tests, but this isn’t true. (You do have to submit to chemical tests, like a Breathalyzer, or risk other penalties.) 

Myth 3: You can trick a Breathalyzer with a penny

Truth: One method people may use to attempt to trick a breath test is by placing a penny in their mouth. It may be believed that the penny will lower a person’s blood alcohol content reading. However, this method is just an urban legend with no scientific evidence that it works.

It’s hard to debunk every myth known to man and many new myths about drunk driving are made every day. To ensure you’re getting the right protection after you’ve been charged, learn more about your defense options.