Signs your relationship isn’t just unhealthy, it’s abusive

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Abusive relationships are all too common that it is easy to think this is normal and even permissible. The truth is, it is not okay and you need to know when a relationship morphs into an abusive trap. Without having a clear understanding of what an abusive relationship looks like, you could find yourself accepting behavior from a partner that should not be tolerated.

Domestic abuse is a serious problem that many people can find themselves in. These relationships typically don’t start with such bad behavior and mental control. They often start out mildly unhealthy and eventually may become violent. It is important to learn the characteristics of abusive behavior.

Unhealthy vs. abusive relationship characteristics

An unhealthy relationship generally lacks the severity of abusive relationships. However, it is good to understand how unhealthy relationships can lead to abusive ones. The bad habits and characteristics of an unhealthy relationship may include:

  • Avoiding conflict or discussing uncomfortable subjects
  • Passive aggressive slights and covert disrespect
  • Lacking trust in one another
  • Constant lies
  • Greatly reducing time with friends to spend a majority of time with a partner
  • Sexual pressure and guilt
  • Finances are not equally discussed and managed

Abusive relationship characteristics may include:

  • Disrespectful communication that demeans and severely harms the other person.
  • False accusations of cheating resulting in physical and emotional violence
  • Justifying behavior or denying its effect on the abused partner
  • One partner is in complete control of the other
  • Isolation from family and friends
  • Forced sexual acts upon
  • Finances are tightly controlled and managed with guilt

Becoming free of domestic violence

Florida is a state that reserves the right to convict persons with domestic violence charges based on assault, sexual assault/battery, stalking and more. Restraining order violations could result in a misdemeanor and jail time for up to a year. If you are experiencing any of the above signs of abusive relationships, get help immediately. Leaving the abuse may seem difficult, but there are supportive resources available to start a new chapter in your life.