Planning a fun vacation? Enjoy the beach, avoid a DUI

| May 21, 2018 | Firm News |

Florida is a hot spot for family vacations. Vero Beach is no exception. The resorts, sun, sand and atmosphere are alluring. Kids and adults alike can find activities they enjoy. You discovered all of this while researching nearby places to take your family. You want to have a relaxing time, kick back and even let loose.

You are renting a car so that you and your family can explore the area in style. You plan to be cautious while treating yourself. What you may not consider is what happens if you get pulled over—especially after some beverages.

The consequences of a ticket

Vacation is all about leaving the stress and responsibilities of work and everyday life behind. With this attitude, it can be easy to knock back a few more beers than usual. What you must remember, is that rules still apply. Florida and 44 other states are part of the Driver License Compact. This means that if you get pulled over for a DUI while on vacation, you will still get into trouble—whether you are from another part of the state, or are driving into town from Georgia or Alabama. The consequences and penalties will likely follow you back home. This means that the DUI charge will go on your driving record as if it happened while you were home.

How to avoid the driving after having some drinks

You’re taking time to plan out the logistics of your vacation already, so you might as well take the extra step to find out what your options are. Here are a few to consider:

  • Does your hotel or resort have a shuttle?
  • What are the local taxi companies?
  • Are there establishments within a safe walking distance?
  • What rideshare services are available in the area?
  • Can you and your family divide responsibilities?
  • Does your resort offer onsite entertainment where you can do your drinking?

You don’t let your vacation take a bad turn. You can avoid any issues if you think through your options ahead of time and plan your itinerary. If you do get pulled over and accused of DUI, know that the law still applies. Don’t avoid the problem—you have ten days to take action.