Don’t let the holidays end with a domestic assault charge

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Domestic Violence |

No matter how much we want the holidays to be full of cheer and celebration, the fact is that they are not this way for everyone. People can be stressed, lonely and depressed this time of year, and difficult family relationships can come to a head when people get together.

While there is no clear answer on whether domestic violence incidences increase over the holidays, the fact is that assault allegations can and do happen this time of year. Below are some tips for avoiding these situations and the charges that could follow.

Avoiding triggers, tensions

Staying away from the people and circumstances that contribute to potential violent incidences may not be easy, but it can be the best way to protect yourself. As such, for the next several weeks, you might:

  • Avoid abusing alcohol or drugs
  • Stay away from family gatherings with volatile parties
  • Call for help or support if you feel like you are out of control

These few measures can help you steer clear of the situations that might become combative and hostile.

If someone calls the police

If you still find yourself in an altercation or accused of abuse and someone calls the police, it is imperative that you not make the situation worse.

If there are injuries or witness statements that give police probable cause, they will likely arrest the person they believe to be the assaulting party. Even if you were defending yourself, you could be arrested; even if the other person was the attacker, you could still be arrested; even if the alleged victim does not want you to be arrested, it can still happen.

Under these circumstances, it can be easy to panic and get angry. Doing so, however, will only do more damage. Do not lash out at the police or resist an arrest. Try to stay calm and explain your side of the story. You can also request to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Domestic assault accusations can be profoundly troubling for the alleged victims as well as those accused of violence, especially during the holidays. And while these situations could arise in the coming weeks, you can consider these tips to avoid such scenarios and keep them from ruining the holiday and your future.