Prescription drugs can lead to criminal charges

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A doctor who writes a prescription for medication considers several factors about the patient when they determine the appropriate medication and dosage. This is one reason why it is illegal for patients to share prescriptions between each other. There is a chance that variations in certain factors could make what’s safe for one person unsafe for another.

While some people think that sharing prescriptions isn’t really a big deal, it is something that can lead to you facing criminal charges. One thing that confuses some people is that you don’t have to sell the prescriptions to get into trouble. Even giving them to someone without receiving any payment is against the law.

There are many factors that come up in these cases. One is the intent that you had when you had the drugs in your possession. If you’re caught by a police officer handing prescription drugs to someone, you’ll likely face charges. If money exchanges hands, the chance increases even more.

Another factor is what type of prescription is being shared. Some prescriptions are categorized harsher than others. For example, if you’re caught trying to share narcotics with someone else, you’ll face more serious charges because this is a controlled substance.

When you’re trying to determine how you’re going to answer these charges, make sure that you look into all the options. There are sometimes a few to consider, so you need to think about how you might be impacted by each one. You also have to evaluate your goal, which might be being found not guilty or just minimizing the penalties that you’ll face.