Collateral consequences after domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2020 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence accusations are taken very seriously in Florida. You can face criminal charges if things get out of hand with you and a spouse or certain other individuals. Many people focus on the legal consequences, such as imprisonment and fines that come with a conviction. There are also others that you have to think about if you’re in this position.

One of the most immediate impacts could be removal from your home and limited contact with your children. A protective order may mean that you can’t have any contact with the alleged victim. You face even more legal trouble if you violate the order.

The charge, and a conviction on this charge, may affect your career. This depends on what job you do and what policies exist at the company you work for. The loss of ability to legally carry a firearm is possible, so you’ll need to consider this if your job requires you to be armed. Your professional license might also be impacted.

Domestic violence accusations sometimes stem from tense situations that were misunderstood. If you’re facing criminal charges for an incident, you need to work closely with an attorney to find out what options you have. Carefully review each one so you can make the decision about what defense strategy you feel is in your best interests. Get started as quickly as possible.