How does a domestic violence charge affect your basic rights?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2020 | Domestic Violence |

Different criminal charges can have different consequences for those facing accusations. For example, those facing allegations of impaired driving often lose their license in addition to the criminal consequences that they face. If convicted, they later have to pay higher premiums for motor vehicle liability insurance. 

Similarly, those accused of domestic violence may find that the charge ripples out to affect many other aspects of their life. What potential consequences beyond jail time, probation or fines could you face after a domestic violence conviction in Florida?

If there is a protective order, there could be limits on your social interactions

Many times, protective orders go hand-in-hand with domestic violence charges. The courts may require that you stay a certain distance away from the other person involved and could even prevent you from digital communications with that person as well. 

Those restrictions could mean that in the situation where you unexpectedly encounter your ex in public, you may have to leave in order to avoid violating the protective order. It could also limit where you live or work, especially if your prospective employer or landlord decides to do a background check. 

A conviction related to domestic violence will affect your gun ownership rights

Decades ago, lawmakers passed legislation limiting the right of individuals with certain felony criminal backgrounds and those subject to a protective order to possess firearms legally. Years later, lawmakers expanded this list to include even misdemeanor domestic violence charges and any criminal conviction directly related to domestic violence, even if the charged itself was not domestic violence. 

Avoiding a conviction can help you prevent limitations on your personal freedoms and protect your right to own a firearm and defend it yourself.