Are you accused of domestic violence? Protect your rights

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You and your spouse regularly get into arguments, but last time, they went too far. They came towards you while carrying a sharp knife, and you were surprised. As a result, you slapped it away from them and hit them to defend yourself.

Your spouse is smaller and younger than you, so they looked at you and said they’d be calling the cops. They played the victim, and you’re now struggling with accusations of domestic violence.

This kind of situation happens more often than you may believe. It can be devastating, too.

What happens if you’re accused of domestic violence?

After you’re accused of domestic violence, the authorities will consider the situation and remove one person from the home. In this case, it’s clear that the other person is the one with the injuries, so that person may well be you. If you are then charged, you will face some other issues that your attorney can help you address moving forward.

Once you’re charged with domestic violence, you could be removed from your home. You could be stopped from returning there, rendering you homeless if you can’t find somewhere else to go.

It’s unlikely that you would be given any contact with your spouse or partner, and you may have supervised or limited custody or visitation rights with any children you share.

Finally, if you happen to have firearms, they could be confiscated after an accusation of domestic violence. This could impact your job or safety, which is something to discuss with your attorney immediately.

Our website has more information on false accusations of domestic violence and what you can do if you’re fighting allegations of abuse.