In trouble with the law out of your home state? Get help

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As a tourist, you never want to face criminal charges somewhere you’re not from. It can be a major hassle that requires you to come back to the area for hearings or a trial. You’re not somewhere you’re familiar, so it’s not surprising that an arrest or accusations of a crime would be even more overwhelming to you.

When you come to Florida for a vacation, you should remember that you could still face charges if you violate the law. Whether it’s for drinking and driving, assault and battery, disorderly conduct or another alleged crime, you should know that you have a right to a defense.

Tourist troubles: Get the right help

Sometimes, tourists get into trouble because of varied laws between states. Other times, being on vacation “loosens people up,” which results in them being less cautious about what they do. Whatever the situation is, it’s important for you to realize that ignorance of Florida’s laws won’t necessarily be a good defense. That doesn’t mean that you can’t defend yourself, though.

Since you’re a tourist, it means that you’ll need more help defending yourself. You may also want to work with an attorney, so you can minimize the number of times that you need to return to Florida for hearings or a trial. Your attorney will take steps to minimize how many times you have to return, saving you money.

Our website has more information on criminal charges and what to do if you’re charged when you’re a tourist. Getting good help could help minimize the penalties you face and encourage a better resolution for everyone involved.