Even a single use could lead to drug charges

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If you come to Florida and use drugs, you may end up in deep trouble with the law. Even if this is the first time you’ve used drugs, or you were just experimenting with them, the sale or purchase of drugs in the state is a felony that may land you in prison or jail, or at the very least, on probation or in drug court.

While it might seem normal for people to try drugs at least once in their life, the reality is that it only takes one time to end up facing charges. If you purchase drugs from an undercover officer or police agent (a confidential informant) or you are caught driving with drugs after being stopped for a traffic violation, you likely will face charges.

If you’re a tourist in Florida, avoid trying drugs

It’s not a good idea to try illegal drugs at any point, but it’s even worse if you’re a tourist. Coming to the state with drugs in hand could lead to drug trafficking charges, depending on the amount of drugs you possess. Taking them back home across state lines could as well.

While you want your vacation to be fun, it’s not a good choice to purchase drugs or to doctor shop in the state. The authorities have been cracking down on the misuse of opioids and illicit drugs. So if you are caught, you can expect the penalties to be severe.

If you’re accused of using, transporting or possessing drugs, defend yourself

If you are accused of using, possessing or transporting drugs in Florida, it’s important to develop a strong defense as soon as you can. It’s easy for the prosecution to claim that your simple possession charge should be raised to distribution or trafficking if they saw you cross state lines, or even if  you shared the drugs with another person. It’s worth taking the time to defend yourself and work with your attorney to minimize the potential penalties. The right defense does matter and may help you avoid heavy fines or imprisonment.