Can you go to jail for possession of synthetic marijuana products?

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Florida sees plenty of drug activity. Between being a vacation destination and a southern point of entry into the United States, illegal drugs are plentiful in the Sunshine State.

Our state has high levels of demand for illegal drugs and plenty of supply from sources both domestic and international. No one wants to ruin their vacation or their life with a drug conviction, so some people might turn to synthetic or laboratory-created drugs that claim to mimic their drug of choice.

K2, Spice, Atomic Bomb and herbal incense are all names used to describe a kind of popular smoking blend made with synthetic drugs. Can you wind up charged with a drug crime if you smoke herbal incense instead of actual marijuana?

Many active ingredients used in herbal incense are illegal

A decade ago, retailers openly sold herbal incense and other synthetic drugs like bath salts. You could find them at shopping malls and even gas stations. Florida state lawmakers and federal lawmakers noticed the trend and began to add the active ingredients for these popular synthetic drugs to the list of controlled substances.

Despite new laws and regulations, companies continue to manufacture and sell these synthetic blends to the public, often labeled as “not for human consumption” to limit their own legal risks. Whether you buy a package of herbal incense from your friend at work, a local retailer or a website, you will have no way of knowing what is in the product.

You could wind up in possession of one of the band compounds and would face the same charges you would for any other illegal drug. If you do, you should have an experienced attorney to protect your rights.