Excuses that law enforcement may use to pull you over

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Sometimes police officers will look for any reason to pull vehicles over. “You didn’t use your blinker.” “Your tire touched the white line.” The excuses are numerous, but it comes down to the law of large numbers. In order to meet traffic violation quotas, law enforcement officers know that if they stop enough vehicles that they are bound to find something.

When it comes to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges, there are myriad “reasons” that one may get pulled over. Let’s take a brief look at some of the most common reasons that are used to justify pulling motorists over.

Common excuses used to pull a car over

According to State Farm Insurance Company, here are some common signs used to detect drunk drivers:

  • Responding slowly to traffic signals: This does not always indicate that one is intoxicated, maybe it is late and you are tired because you are just getting off work.
  • Drifting or straddling the center line: Being distracted with a phone call or changing channels on the radio can have the same effect. Something as simple as a sneeze can cause the same minor error.
  • Errors made while turning: Making wide turns, or turning abruptly is a common reason to be suspected of DUI. Maybe you missed your turn? Maybe you didn’t want to spill your soda by turning sharply.
  • Almost striking an object: Again, being distracted can have the same effect. This is not necessarily evidence that one is impaired.
  • Stopping without cause: This one can seem suspicious to law enforcement looking for an excuse to pull you over. However, who knows what is taking place in the car? Did you drop your cigarette on the floorboard? Maybe spill your coffee on your lap? Perhaps, a vomiting child in the backseat?

Breathalyzers can give inaccurate readings if used improperly. Field sobriety tests are notoriously subjective, and excuses for being pulled over may or not be valid.

If you are looking to fight a DUI charge, it can be helpful to have experienced and knowledgeable professional guidance that knows how to build a solid defense in Florida DUI cases.