Will mixing vodka with Red Bull allow you to stay sober?

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There is a dangerous trend among some Gen X-ers when it comes to drinking. Many believe that ordering a vodka-and-Red-Bull cocktail will allow them to get a buzz yet still remain relatively sober — and thus potentially able to drive home from the club.

The reality, however, couldn’t be more wrong. Drinking this potentially lethal combo of alcohol and stimulants can only lead to more trouble. Here’s why.

Your capacity to resist feeling intoxicated is increased

Compared to your typical caffeine-infused mixer like Coca-Cola, Red Bull energy drinks (and others like them) contain as much as 10 times the amount of caffeine. Then, the manufacturers add sugar and plant-based ingredients, which can contribute to the feeling of being hyped up but still sober.

Perception is not reality when it comes to intoxication

Drinking alcohol with energy drinks can create the perception that you are not really intoxicated, despite the number of alcoholic drinks you have consumed. You think that because you have the energy to take to the dance floor and chat up new friends that you are not getting drunk.

But your body tells a quite different story. None of those other ingredients negates the effects of alcohol to cause intoxication. And when the stimulants in Red Bull and other energy drinks meet with the depressants in the liquor, you can run into real physical distress. The combined ingredients can lead to deadly heart arrhythmias. In other words, you might never make it off the dance floor alive.

That may be the worst-case scenario, but plenty more problems await those who don’t feel intoxicated at the end of the evening of drinking alcohol and energy drinks. Absolutely none of the alcohol is offset by the consumption of energy drinks.

You can face DUI or other charges

Energy drinks can lead to feelings of aggression or invincibility, meaning that you could get involved in barroom brawls or decide to drive home when you clearly are still impaired. Seeing those blue lights behind you will be a rude wake-up call if you engage in these risky behaviors.

If you get arrested, exercise your right to remain silent and ask to speak to a criminal defense attorney before answering any questions.