Simple mistakes to avoid when fighting a speeding ticket in Florida

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Traffic and Driver's License Issues |

A speeding ticket can quickly turn an otherwise bright morning into a gloomy one. Most motorists have an opinion on how to deal with a traffic stop or a police encounter. Unfortunately, the Internet is awash with inaccurate information regarding your rights and what you should do if you are pulled over for speeding. 

It is important to understand that what you do if you have been ticketed for speeding can have a great impact on your case. Here are a few mistakes you need to steer clear of if you receive a speeding ticket in Florida. 

Refusing to sign the ticket

Some folks wrongly assume that signing a speeding ticket amounts to an admission of guilt. This is totally untrue. Refusing to sign a traffic ticket can potentially worsen your case. Signing a speeding ticket does not count as an admission of guilt. Rather, this is merely an acknowledgment that you have duly received the ticket and will be showing up in court if required to do so. 

Ignoring the ticket

Well, it is natural to want nothing to do with anything that is unpleasant, difficult or annoying. You may be tempted to ignore your speeding ticket. However, adopting that approach may not be a prudent idea. Your ticket will not simply go away because you ignored it. In fact, ignoring your ticket could complicate your case further. 

Admitting guilt

The last thing you want to do when pulled over for speeding is to admit in any way or form that you were indeed speeding. Admitting guilt or feeling sorry about it will not make things any better for you. Rather, you will be helping the police strengthen their case against you. If the police ask you why you were pulled over, tell them you do not. If you are informed you that you are being cited for speeding, you are better off just quietly accepting the ticket than arguing.

Receiving a speeding ticket is never a welcome experience no matter how minor the offense might be. If you are cited for speeding in Florida, it is important that you know the mistakes to avoid