What happens if you fail to pay a traffic fine in Florida?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Traffic and Driver's License Issues |

If you are cited for a traffic violation and fail to pay the ticket, you could face consequences. Did you know that it is possible to lose your license for failing to pay a traffic fine?

While you may be able to clear the suspension, it is likely that you will lose your license indefinitely if you don’t pay a fine on time. If you don’t want to pay a fine, you have an opportunity to defend yourself for a short time after the fine is levied against you. If you don’t defend yourself or you are told you must pay because of being guilty, then you need to pay. Failing to do so will lead to the indefinite suspension of your license and additional fees.

What can you do if your license has been suspended over failing to pay a ticket?

Regardless of the reason you didn’t pay, you have an opportunity to pay the ticket off in order to get your license reinstated. Once the court requirements to reinstate your license have been met, the county will update the department and clear your license for reinstatement.

In many cases, a reinstatement fee will be added to the initial citation fee. There may be other applicable fees depending on the situation. These have to be paid once the clearance information is sent to the Florida driver’s license service centers. You can pay them in person or over the phone in most cases.

Can your license be suspended without warning?

Usually, your license is not going to be suspended without warning. The state may send a warning or information to the address that is listed on your license. If you don’t have the right information on your license, then there is a potential that you could miss the warning or letters regarding fines that you need to pay. If that happens, you could have your license suspended without your knowledge, which could lead to other problems for you, like a charge for driving with a suspended license. That’s why it’s important to defend against or pay all citations and fines as soon as you can. Forgetting about them may lead to bigger issues.