What happens if a vacationer gets a DUI in Florida?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | DUI |

People come to Florida to vacation and have a good time. Most people don’t expect that they’ll end up leaving the state with criminal charges hanging over their heads. It’s imperative to remember that drunk driving is illegal in Florida, so be sure you find a designated driver or another way home if you’re going to drink while here on a holiday.

Police officers here will stop drivers they think are impaired. Once they have a reason to think that a driver is drunk, they can conduct tests to determine what’s going on. This might involve a chemical test or a field sobriety test (or both), plus the officer’s own observations. Whatever the situation, any impairment can lead to a drunk driving charge.

How does Florida handle vacationers?

Vacationers won’t receive any special treatment if they’re charged with drunk driving. You’ll have to go through the arrest process and the rest of the criminal justice system. This can impact your driving record in your home state. There’s a chance you’ll have to come back to Florida to face these charges. Many states suspend the drivers’ license of a person who’s convicted of drunk driving in another state, so you may have to deal with that once you get back home. 

Any defendant in Florida who’s facing a drunk driving charge should learn about their defense options, especially if they aren’t from here. It’s generally wisest to make sure that you have an experienced, local defense to handle your case. They may be able to negotiate for you with the prosecution to get the best possible outcome for your case — without an undue nightmare for you.