Can you share medical marijuana?

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Recreational marijuana is not yet legal in Florida, but medical marijuana is. If you have the proper medical card, you can get marijuana to treat the symptoms that you’re facing.

Once you do, you may consider sharing it with friends or family members. Perhaps these are just people that you want to smoke with as a social event, or maybe they’re facing some of the same symptoms that you are and you believe that marijuana could help them the same way that it helps you. Are you allowed to do this?

Sharing is illegal

As with other prescription medications, sharing medical marijuana is illegal. Interestingly, this is true even if the other person has a medical marijuana card. You still cannot share your product with them. They have to use their own card to get their own. You certainly cannot share with someone who does not have a medical marijuana card and who is not permitted to use it under the law.

While all of this is spelled out clearly in the law, it’s also understandable why people would think that they are allowed to share. After all, they purchased the marijuana legally and there’s no problem with them using it. They wouldn’t think twice about sharing Tylenol or another over-the-counter medication. The difference, of course, is that marijuana can only be purchased with the right prescription, so it is not comparable to over-the-counter options. But many people don’t realize this, and you could accidentally run into trouble with the law.

If you do, then it’s very important to know about all of the legal defense options you have so that this one error doesn’t define your future.