What happens if you run a red light in Florida?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Traffic and Driver's License Issues |

Traffic light systems are in place across the state of Florida. These are designed to ensure the safe flow of traffic, protect pedestrians from injury and increase driver safety overall.

The law in Florida imposes criminal penalties for those who run a red light. What will happen to you if you run a red light, and are there any legitimate defenses?

Was the light definitely red?

Traffic lights change fairly quickly. Occasionally, it is not possible to stop safely if you’re approaching an intersection or traffic light. You may run through the light just before it changes to red. Will you still face penalties? Generally, the answer is no. Traffic light systems tend to be designed only to capture vehicles that have blatantly run through a red.

Did you stop but still receive a penalty notice?

You may have stopped at the red light but still received a ticket. How is this possible? Occasionally, sensors on traffic lights will still go off if your front wheels have slightly overstepped the line. You may only be an inch beyond the designated stop point, and the system may classify this as a violation. If you’ve genuinely managed to stop at the lights but rolled over a little too far, it’s probably harsh that you should face criminal penalties.

Traffic violations, such as running a red light, can have serious implications. You may receive hefty fines and even penalty points on your license, ultimately resulting in revocation. For this reason, if you believe your traffic ticket is illegitimate, it’s important to fight the charges. Having someone on your side with the relevant experience can help you to obtain a more favorable outcome in your case.