Why would a person lie about domestic violence? 

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

When it comes to domestic violence, the truth can sometimes be hard to find. People do lie about exactly what happened. In some cases, this means that they lie and say nothing happened when they actually did suffer some sort of abuse. But there are also cases when someone will lie and say that they were victimized by domestic violence when nothing of the sort occurred.

But why would people do this? Maybe you’ve been accused of violence by a family member or a spouse. You know that you didn’t hurt anyone and you’re not that type of person. Why would they make up these allegations against you?

It often involves parental rights

There are numerous reasons why this might happen, depending on the specifics of your individual relationship. But, in a lot of cases, parental rights are at the center of the whole discussion.

After all, someone may want to get sole custody of a child. Maybe you and your partner are going through a divorce. They know that the court wants to give out joint custody and have you co-parent with one another. They also know that sole custody is usually not given unless there’s some sort of danger to the child.

In a situation like that, they may decide to make up allegations that make it appear that you are, in fact, a danger to the child. They’re just trying to get leverage or give themselves some sort of legal advantage.

Once again, this doesn’t happen in all cases, and many people who talk about domestic violence are telling the truth. But, if you’re facing false allegations, you definitely need to know what legal options you have.