Understanding the Florida points system for drivers

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Most states, including Florida, have a point system designed to curb reckless driving. It works by accumulating points on a driver’s license for each traffic infraction. If the points reach a certain number, the affected driver’s license is suspended for a specific duration.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles decides what infractions result in points and how they will affect a driver’s privilege to be on the road.

What traffic violations accrue points?

Most traffic infractions will add points to your license. However, the number of points varies depending on the violation. For example, speeding will get you three points, while running a red light will get you four.

Other instances may include:

  • Failing to give right of way
  • Fleeing the scene of a crash
  • Not having child restraints
  • Improper backing, among others

It is important to note that citations from other states will be added to your driving license if they would have earned points in Florida.

How long will your driving license be suspended?

The length of your suspension depends on the number of points and how fast you have accumulated them. Your license will be suspended for 30 days if you earn 12 points over one year, three months if you have accumulated 18 points over 18 months, or one year if you get 24 points over three years.

Protecting your financial and legal interests

Beyond the suspension of your driver’s license, accruing points can significantly ramp up your auto insurance costs. You may have to part with higher premiums due to your increased perceived risk of causing an accident.

Do not take a traffic citation lightly, even for a minor infraction. You could end up paying a heavy price. Instead, it is advisable to seek guidance on how to best respond and safeguard your interests.