Can you share medication if it’s helpful?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Drug Crimes |

You can certainly share over-the-counter medicine with people as you please, at least if it would be legal for them to buy the same medicine. But when you get a prescription medication, you have to go to the doctor first and then get the prescription filled at the pharmacy.

Generally speaking, people understand that you’re not supposed to sell this medicine to someone else or give it away. These substances are strictly controlled. Selling them for a profit would not only deprive you of the medicine that you need, but it is also clear that you would be breaking the controlled substances laws in the state.

But what if you’re just trying to help? You’re not trying to make money by selling the pills, the other person isn’t going to use them recreationally and you just want to help a friend or family member with an ailment. Then can you do it?

It is still illegal to share medication

Unfortunately for those who mean well, it’s always illegal to share medication. The way that the system is set up says that only someone with a prescription is allowed to use it. If you give it to somebody else, both you and they have broken the law.

Part of the reason that the police do this is to try to control the spread of opioids. These medications are very addictive, they result in many overdose deaths every year and they are often illegally sold for recreational use. But the way that those people obtain them before selling the pills recreationally may be from friends or family members. Therefore, even if this scenario in particular isn’t being carried out – and you are honestly trying to help – all sharing of medication has been prohibited.

People are sometimes surprised to learn about this because they imagine that they would happily share medication if they thought it would help a loved one. But that just shows you how easy it is to make an accidental mistake that could get you into legal trouble. If something like that does happen, then it’s time to look into all of your legal defense options.