Does Florida have a crystal meth problem?

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Our lovely state has a lot going for it and includes some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, its peninsula shape and proximity to Latin America where the drug trade flourishes freely unfortunately also present unique problems other states don’t face.

According to one source, Floridians do struggle with the repercussions of methamphetamine usage. In one recent year, there were nearly 60 incidents of meth seizures in the state, which made it tenth among the 50 states for the most law enforcement seizures. In the past 20 years, deaths related to methamphetamine use continue to rise steadily.

What happens if you face charges due to meth possession or sales?

These are serious allegations, so don’t take a meth arrest lightly. Many meth charges are felonies based on their illegal status. You could face time behind bars if you get convicted on methamphetamine charges.

If you get arrested for possession, manufacture or sale of meth, below are some suggestions for how you can minimize the negative consequences of a conviction:

  • Exercise your right against self-incrimination. Far too many arrested persons lose their cases because of the things they say and do during their arrest. You have a Constitutional right against self-incrimination, so make sure that you use it.
  • Discuss your case with no one but your criminal defense attorney. Police place “rats” in the holding tank of jails hoping that defendants will engage with them and discuss their charges with these informants who are cooperating with police. Say nothing.
  • Get solid legal guidance from the start. Florida public defenders are both overworked and underpaid. They slog through heavy caseloads and often don’t meet their clients until their trial day. You won’t get the type of personal representation that a privately retained counsel can provide.

Don’t delay – seek help today

With the right legal guidance, you may be able to arrange for you to enter rehab as part of a plea bargain to drop or reduce your methamphetamine charges. Act swiftly after an arrest for the best chance of success.