How might social media harm your domestic violence defense?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

If you face domestic violence charges, you may want to give social media a break. Many people have unwittingly harmed their defense with the things they post. Besides, others who discover the accusations against you may post comments about you that you are better off not reading.

Here is why continuing to post could jeopardize your defense:

The internet is public

While your social media accounts should have privacy settings, unless you block absolutely everyone, there is a danger of something you post getting into the wrong hands. In domestic violence cases, that means the hands of your accuser and the prosecutors.

Think about who you have on social media. While there will be plenty of people you have never met in your life, it is probable that people you know will be looking at your account. They likely have connections to your accuser, even if they are a few steps removed. 

Anything you post about the incident could be taken and twisted. The same could happen with any comment you make about your accuser or even an innocent photo of you out with friends having a drink. Before you know it, people are claiming you must be guilty because you wrote a not-nice comment about your accuser and the photo of you drinking means you might get drunk and cross the line sometimes.

If you feel the need to talk to someone about your domestic violence case and the alleged events, choose a legal professional. They will not only keep what you say confidential, but they can help use it to prove your innocence.