3 traffic ticket defenses that can protect you

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Traffic and Driver's License Issues |

A traffic violation can negatively affect your driving record. The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) has a detailed points system for drivers in the state. Violations result in different points.

For instance, reckless driving gives a driver 4 points and speeding carries 3 points. Accumulation of points may lead to suspension of driving privileges. And these points stay for at least five years on the driver record.

Thus, it is important to fight traffic tickets to protect your record. Below are three defense strategies that you can use.

Necessary violation

If you had to commit a traffic violation, you may use it as your defense. For example, you had to speed to avoid an accident or you had to drive without a license to take a sick person to the hospital. It will help to have evidence supporting your statement, such as hospital records if you had a medical emergency.

“Mistake of fact”

In some situations, you may make a mistake beyond your control. For example, if you were obstructed by something and didn’t see the speed limit sign or a stop sign. A judge may dismiss your ticket or reduce your fine if you can explain you made a “mistake of fact.”

Challenge the officer’s claims

If you believe the claims made by the officer are inaccurate, you may challenge them. Get the speed that your GPS shows at the recorded time and compare it with the officer’s records. Note that you may need to prove that your GPS is accurate if you choose this angle.

You can also challenge the accuracy of the police radar, perhaps its calibration or how it was used.

Dismissing a traffic ticket can be achieved with the right moves. However, ensure that you are informed about your case to avoid mistakes.