How social media can harm your criminal case 

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Domestic Violence |

You’re facing unjustified criminal challenges and are understandably outraged. Nowadays, people often vent their frustrations at the click of a button through social media. It can help to get things off of your chest and receive support and feedback from friends and family. 

Nonetheless, doing so could harm your criminal case, and here’s why; 

The prosecution can use your posts against you

The prosecution built its case based on evidence. While the case against you might be thin, they clearly believe they have something before they have pursued them. If they have little to go on, then they will try to paint an overall picture of the person you are, to try and steer the jury to their side. Almost everything you post, including pictures and comments, can be taken out of context.

For example, an innocent post of a night out with your friends may portray you as irresponsible. A post regarding your new vehicle could give the impression that you have recently come into a large sum of money, and so on. 

You could be accused of witness intimidation

In your eyes, the whole thing may just have been a misunderstanding. You have one of the involved parties on your social media channels and decide that a quick conversation could clear matters up. The problem is that this individual could be a key witness in the case, which means you cannot attempt to influence them at all. Your attempts to reconcile with someone could actually lead to new charges.

There really are no benefits to discussing a live case on social media. If you are facing charges, then it may be best to avoid online posts and seek some legal guidance.