Keep your teen safer on prom night

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | DUI |

It’s that time of year when schools all over Florida hold proms, graduations and other end-of-the-school-year celebrations. If you are the parent of a teenager, chances are good that your teen is clamoring to attend at least some of these festivities.

You want your teen to enjoy these carefree years before the responsibilities of adulthood occupy their minds and lives. But you also want to ensure their safety. The following safety tips can help parents do just that.

Offer transportation options

Party buses and limousines are more affordable than you might think since the costs are split amongst a group of teenagers and/or their parents. If that is not an option, consider hiring a college-age sibling or friend to be the sober driver for the dance and after-party activities.

Communicate with your teen

Stuff happens. Make a contract with your teen that they can call you at any time, from any place if they ever feel unsafe or forced to ride with a driver who has drunk alcohol or done drugs. Agree to pick them up and put the lecture on ice for that night. While actions have consequences, you don’t want your child’s consequences to be fatal.

Network with other parents

Is that party really sober and supervised? You’ll have the answer if you first discuss any concerns with your teenager. They might not like the idea of your calling their friends’ parents, but if keeps them safe and alive, so be it.

If your child gets a DUI

All the prevention and good parenting can be erased with a single bad decision to drink underage and get behind the wheel of a vehicle. If your child gets arrested for driving under the influence, they will need you as an advocate who can provide them with legal options to preserve their future.