Is it legal to share prescriptions if you don’t sell them? 

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Many illegal drug sales involve prescription medication. Opioids and painkillers, in particular, are often used for recreational purposes. No one would get a prescription for these purposes, of course, but people will sell the pills on the black market after obtaining them with a valid prescription.

If you’ve been given a prescription for this type of medicine, you likely already know that you can’t sell it. But you’re not looking to break the law. You may just know someone else – a roommate, a friend, a family member – who has similar symptoms to you. They may ask if you’ll share the medication with them or give them a few of the pills to try and see if it works. Are you allowed to do this?

Sharing is also illegal

Unfortunately, no, you are not allowed to share prescription medication. It’s not just drug sales that are illegal. Transferring these prescription medications to someone who doesn’t have the prescription is a violation, whether or not they pay you for that medication. So even an innocent situation, where you’re just trying to help someone else, could theoretically result in legal charges.

The key thing to remember is that these medications are controlled substances and only those who have a prescription can possess and use them. So even just sharing the medication violates this restriction because a person who doesn’t have the right prescription from their doctor would then be in possession of some of these prescription pills. That is why it remains illegal.

But this certainly means that you could find yourself in legal trouble after just trying to help someone else in a way that you didn’t think violated the law. If you’re facing serious charges, be sure you know what defense options you have.