Why do shots seem to hit harder than other kinds of alcoholic drinks?

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Considering how alcohol impacts you can be a bit strange. On one hand, you have those that say they “can’t” drink a certain type of alcohol because they get too drunk, but they can drink other kinds. You also have people who argue that all alcohol is the same and it doesn’t matter what type you drink. 

Usually, what you’re really hearing is a difference in consumption, not alcohol types. For instance, someone might say that they’ll drink beer, but that they get too drunk on whiskey. The odds are high that’s because they tend to over-indulge on whiskey instead of beer.

How the size of a drink can trick you into drinking too much

A single drink is generally defined as one beer (12 ounces), one glass of wine (5 ounces) or one shot (1.5 ounces). There is some variance, especially with craft beer, but this is a good rule to follow.

When someone says that shots hit them harder, the difference lies in how they drink them compared to other types of alcoholic beverages. If they spent an hour drinking one beer or sipping one shot, their reaction would be the same. But many people take an entire shot all at once. Drinking quickly means the alcohol hits your system in a concentrated dose, rather than spread out over time. Naturally, that makes you feel drunker.

This also leads to accidentally drinking more than they would otherwise consume. The person who takes that shot at the beginning of the hour probably doesn’t just casually drink water while others drink beer. They likely have another drink. They don’t feel like they’re doing anything different at the moment, but they’re drinking twice as much and drinking faster, so they get more intoxicated. 

When DUI charges happen, you need help

Mistakes made with alcohol can easily lead to DUI charges. These can change your life. You must know what defense options you have. Speak to an experienced attorney before you speak to the police and find out what steps you should take next.