How long do Florida traffic points stay on someone’s record?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2024 | Traffic and Driver's License Issues |

Every Florida traffic stop could potentially lead to a citation or ticket. Police officers can write a ticket for traffic infractions ranging from speeding to failing to stop at a red light. Many people automatically pay their tickets despite having the theoretical right to fight them.

Someone who pays a citation basically pleads guilty to the allegations that they violated traffic laws. People may not think that traffic offenses are very serious crimes, but they come with several noteworthy consequences. In addition to the financial penalty in the form of the fine, the state adds points to someone’s license. The points possible could be as high as six points per infraction. How long do those points stay on someone’s record?

The state maintains driving records for years

A record of recent traffic violations allows the state to take action when drivers prove unsafe by accumulating too many points in a short amount of time. The points on someone’s license can also affect how much they pay for liability insurance.

Florida authorities keep track of points on someone’s license for 36 months. If someone accumulates 24 points within 36 months, they could be at risk of a lengthy license suspension. As the points from prior offenses come off of someone’s record, their chances of losing their driving privileges diminish along with the rates they likely pay for insurance coverage. In some cases, those subject to license suspension could qualify for a hardship license.

A successful ticket defense can prevent the state from adding points to someone’s driving record. Understanding how long a ticket might affect someone’s insurance rates might help people see the value in fighting a pending ticket.